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Germain & Maureau is one of the founding partners and shareholders of AIPEX, the European alliance of independent and leading IP firms.

AIPEX specialises in IP solutions and intellectual property management for pan-European companies. Co-ordinated from our headquarters, AIPEX offices in 10 EU countries manage portfolios for European, North American and Far Eastern companies across multiple markets.

We cost-effectively simplify your IP management and protect your IP interests.

Visit the AIPEX website for any additional information : WWW.AIPEX-IP.COM

Why choose AIPEX for my IP portfoglio?, Franck Reijnen, CEO

How can AIPEX manage my IP portfoglio after Brexit?, Victor Caddy, WYNNE JONES

How can AIPEX manage you IP portfoglio?, Philippe Verriest, Germain & Maureau

Localisation :
World Trade Center Rotterdam
Beursplein 37
3011 AA Rotterdam –  NL
Phone: +31 (0)857 470 079 (office)
Mail: info@aipex.eu

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