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Blockchain timestamping

Timestamp, certify and  authenticate your digital files with blockchain technology.

Protecting your intangible creations, timestamping your evidence of use / use is essential. In case of a dispute, it will be necessary to prove the seniority of your creations and to provide tangible proof to assert your rights.

Our timestamping service makes use of the Tezos blockchain to create a certificate of your digital file integrity: documents, records, photographs, etc.

This certificate attests to the existence and status of a file at a given time.


Certification of a digital file

On our platform, you just need to drag and drop your digital file (text, photo, video, music, graphic design, etc.) to certify the same. You may write a description and add tags to the file to simplify the research.

Once the certification has been made, a receipt will be directly available in PDF format in your Client area. It will allow you to prove the certification and timestamping of a file and your contacts to verify.

Verification of a digital file

Verifying a digital file allows to verify the integrity of such file and to get information about the author, the time and date of a certification.

Depending on your needs, files can be verified with or without a receipt, from your secured interface.

Why use our blockchain timestamping ?

  • Facilitating the storage of your documents thanks to a simple and ergonomic platform
  • Securing your storages thanks to blockchain. Data are shared between users, without intermediaries, and are tamper-proof
  • Proving the seniority of documents, the date and content thereof at each stage of the creation process
  • Optimising your costs thanks to our different formulas (unlimited or packs)


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