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Contract strategy

A contract that is poorly written, unbalanced to the detriment of one of the parties, or that omits essential terms, will have a negative impact on your entire project and on the IP assets dependent on it. To avoid such problems, our IP lawyers can help to draft or review your contracts.

The negotiation and drafting of contracts in the field of Intellectual Property is often considered to be tedious. However, it is key to optimising your assets. Related contracts should provide you with a competitive advantage and allow you to control the future of your IP assets and make them safe.

Our teams of experienced lawyers are there to assist you in the management of this crucial step.  Their experience and their strategic vision will allow you to avoid pitfalls and add value to your projects.

Our work

Contractual negotiations

Our lawyers can advise you on the contractual strategy best suited to your requirements, assisting you in negotiations with a view to achieving fair and practical contracts.

Drafting or reviewing your contract or letter of intent 

Pre-registration: confidentiality agreements (NDA) and R&D contracts

Post registration: co-ownership, assignment, licensing, co-existence and collateral (securities, pledge) agreements.

Transfer of technology and know-how

Administrative registration formalities

Once a contract has been concluded, we can register it at the relevant Intellectual Property Offices, to ensure its enforceability as against third parties.