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Patent Watch

Why carry out a Patent Watch?

Patents are an unparalleled source of information:

  • 70 to 80% of technical information appears only in patents;
  • all technical fields are concerned.

The Patent Watch: an essential tool that enables you to:

  • Monitor your competitors and the evolution of technology;
  • Orient your R&D;
  • Identify development opportunities and seek potential collaborations.


Why trust us?

Our Patent Watch is a high value-added service.

We use the best monitoring tools on the market (in particular Patbase from the software development company, Minesoft).

Our teams are highly skilled (engineers, researchers, etc.) and multidisciplinary (life sciences, chemistry, pharmacy, mechanics, physics, electrical engineering, computer science, electronics, telecoms, AI and IoT, etc.). They are available to continuously advise and support you.

We offer training courses (for example, on the use of IP Share and general training on Patent Watch).


⇓ Download our Patent Watch brochure

A continuous watch on your areas of interest (technology, competitors, etc.)

Each month, you will receive a report identifying newly published patent families with, for each family identified, the following information:

  • bibliographical references
  • names of applicants and inventors
  • international and cooperative patent classifications
  • abstract, figures
  • access to the original PDF document

IPshare, your patent literature database

IP Share is a secure platform that allows you to:

  • Centralise all the information from your monthly newsletter
  • Share the information with your collaborators
  • Search by keyword, class, applicant, date, etc.
  • Annotate, highlight documents or add notes (comments)
  • Classify documents by level of relevance

In short, to manage and make full use of your Patent Watch

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