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IP Valuation

Intellectual property rights are key to adding value to your inventions and innovations.

A patent, trademark or model constitutes an intangible asset with a capital value. This value should be determined so that potential investors, partners or buyers can realistically assess the company’s full value.

Several valuation methods are commonly used to estimate the capital value of these assets.

These methods, although they are each developed from a specific mathematic model, result in valuations that are, for the most part, likely to be accepted by the tax authorities, as long as they are coherent and justified.

Our teams are at your disposal to assist you take these steps.

Our work

Quality of IP rights

We check the legal validity of IP titles and the related chain of ownership rights.


We verify the coverage of IP titles, whether there are sufficiently protected and that their geographic scope is adequate for the envisaged use.


The exploitation of your IP titles directly or through a licensee, adds to their value and is therefore taken into account in the valuation of your assets.

Financial valuations

We have selected a panel of experts from the Court of Appeal and independent firms with whom we collaborate to carry out the financial assessment of your IP titles and portfolios.