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A trademark is a powerful symbol for your customers. A dynamic brand management strategy relies on an all-encompassing approach.

Discuss the challenges that your business faces with us. Our cross-disciplinary teams can work with you throughout the different phases of your project: from preliminary reports, searches, purchasing, developing a legal strategy to maintain your rights and competition watch, to litigation.

Our work

oFrom the outset of your project until it is marketed, our cross-disciplinary teams can provide solutions adapted to each phase:

Pre-filing work

  • Assessment of the distinctive character of the trademark and possible ways to protect it 
  • Defining the scope of protection
  • Searches for prior art among identical or similar trademarks
  • Searches for prior art among other distinctive signs: company names, trade names, shop signs, domain names, Common Law
  • In-use investigations

Obtaining protection

  • Defining geographical scope
  • Determining the sectoral scope and drafting descriptions of goods and bespoke services
  • Performing filing procedures
  • Dealing with administrative objections, official letters

Maintaining and optimising your trademark portfolio

  • Securing deadlines: statements, period of priority, non-use time limit, renewal
  • Maintenance formalities and ownership changes
  • Audits: updating portfolios, checking use of your trademarks in a modified form
  • Rationalisation: managing duplications, seniority claims, advice on abandoning or keeping trademarks

Trademark watch

  • Monitoring identical and similar trademarks worldwide
  • Domain name watch and monitoring social networks
  • Market watch and monitoring pure-play brands.
  • Competition watch
  • Sectoral watch
  • Use and public awareness surveys
  • Customs Surveillance


  • Opposition proceedings
  • Nullity proceedings, cancellation on the grounds of non-use
  • Pre-litigation: detecting infringements, cease and desist letters, UDRP complaints, amicable settlements
  • Negotiations, transactions.
  • infringement seizures, customs seizures 


  • Contractual negotiations
  • Preparing and drafting confidentiality, assignment, licensing, co-ownership, co-development and collateral agreements
  • Co-ownership regulations
  • Collective trademarks and regulations on use
  • Complying with the registration requirements of Registries


Germain Maureau has developed sectoral expertise to assist you in finding solutions that meet your requirements.

Wines - spirits
Watches and jewellery
Haute couture – ready-to-wear
Tableware - cutlery
Sports, leisure and events
Media and Press
Furniture and decoration
Perfumery – cosmetics – personal hygiene
Pharmaceutical products – food supplements
ICT, software and New-Tech
Building and Public Works
Professional hospitality and catering
Local authorities
Chemistry - metallurgy