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Patent attorney
  • French & European Patent Attorney

Eric began his career within the DGA (French Armament Procurement Directorate) as Research Engineer, Business Manager, Programme Manager, Manager of Armament Procurement and Deputy Head of Procurement Office for the Technical Department. Eric then turned towards Industrial Property and became the IP Office Manager of the DGA in 2012. He then joined Germain Maureau in Lyon in 2016.


  • Ecole Polytechnique
  • Thèse de docteur-ingénieur en traitement d’image (INRIA, et Orsay Paris-Sud)
  • Chercheur post-doc en robotique à l’Université de Stanford (USA, Californie)
  • CEIPI Patents

Technical area

  • Electronics / Electrical engineering
  • IT & Artificial Intelligence (computer-implemented inventions)
  • Optics / Optoelectronics / Physics
  • Telecommunications & IoT

Area of Expertise

  • Patents
  • Contracts


  • French
  • English