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Founded in Lyon in 1849, Germain Maureau is a leading intellectual property law firm in Europe. If you are interested in protecting your intellectual property and/or would like to hear more about the services that we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Trademarks, Designs, Domain Names and Copyright: 

12 rue Boileau, FR-69006 Lyon - TEL: +33 4 72 69 84 30

Our Expertise

Germain Maureau supports its clients from the inception of their projects. Our firm ensures a global approach to securing intellectual property — utilizing legal, scientific, and administrative expertise.


A patent is a crucial tool for protecting your technology. It allows you to capitalize on your investment in R&D, through a grant of a 20-year monopoly on your technology.


A trademark is a powerful symbol for your customers. A dynamic brand management strategy relies on an all-encompassing approach.


A design relates to an appearance of a product – shapes, contours, decorative and ornamental patterns, icons, and graphic interfaces.

NTICs and Domain Names

Originally a technical consideration, a domain name is now the digital counterpart of your brand, which allows the public to identify and authenticate you on the Internet.


Germain Maureau collaborates with key players in innovation in the Lyon area.

Lyon Intellectual Property News

Find out what’s new in intellectual property in the Lyon area.

Germain Maureau anime une session de formation Propriété Intellectuelle à l’ISARA Lyon

Le 3 avril dernier, Romain Perrine et Stéphane Agasse, Conseils en Propriété Industrielle au sein du Cabinet Germain Maureau, ont animé une session de formation dans les locaux de l’ISARA, une école d’ingénieurs en agronomie, agroalimentaire et environnement.

Cette formation visait à sensibiliser un public varié (notamment des enseignants chercheurs et des documentalistes) aux différentes problématiques liées à la Propriété Intellectuelle et à sa valorisation.

Nous remercions l’ISARA, et notamment Stéphanie Tabaï et Olivier Valade, pour l’organisation de cette session de formation et leur accueil, ainsi que l’ensemble des participants qui ont permis de faire de cette journée une journée d’échanges passionnants autour de la Propriété Intellectuelle.

Onboarding Intellectual property

In an episode of the French Tech Saint-Etienne Lyon podcast, which simplifies expertise related to entrepreneurship and innovation, Rose-May Mathon, Project Manager of the French Tech Central programme, hosted Philippe Verriest, Partner and Patent Attorney at Germain Maureau, and Céline Mathevet, Assistant to the Regional Delegate of the INPI.

Together, they explored the challenges of intellectual property, a fundamental topic that is addressed from the early stages of setting up a company.

Indeed, when establishing a company, founders often grapple with the crucial issue of protecting their trademarks and patents.

Intellectual property proves to be a crucial strategic lever for the growth and protection of a company. If you wish to delve deeper into the topic, please listen to this podcast.

Germain Maureau present at the CARNOT 2023 MEETINGS

Julien FIALLETOUT, Partner at Germain Maureau, will attend the CARNOT 2023 MEETINGS, the R&D event for companies, on 18 and 19 October, at the Lyon Convention Centre.

Germain Maureau présent au SIDO à Lyon

Matthieu Objois, Conseil en Propriété Industrielle, Julien Fialletout et Philippe Verriest, Associés, participeront au SIDO à Lyon. Julien sera présent sur le salon le 20 septembre. Philippe et Matthieu seront sur place le 21 septembre.

Cet événement international dédié à l’IoT, l’Intelligence Artificielle et la Robotique, rassemble chaque année 7 500 professionnels sur deux jours d’exposition avec plus de 250 exposants, 60 conférences et workshops animés par près de 200 intervenants.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour prendre rendez-vous avec l’un de nos experts.

Germain Maureau will be present at the SIDO in Lyon

Matthieu Objois, Industrial Property Attorney, Julien Fialletout and Philippe Verriest, Partners, will be attending the SIDO trade show in Lyon.

Julien will be at the show on 20 September, and Philippe and Matthieu will be there on 21 September.

This international event dedicated to IoT, Artificial Intelligence, XR & Robotics Solutions and Technologies, gathers each year 7 500 professionals during two days including more than 250 exhibitors, 60 conferences and workshops animated by more than 200 speakers.

Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment with one of our experts.