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Bordeaux Office

Established in the New Aquitaine since 2020, Germain Maureau is one of the leading Industrial Property Consulting Firms in France and Europe and provides you with local service with its local team based in Bordeaux. Do not hesitate to contact:  Marie MOTHES Head of Bordeaux Office ✉ 



137 cours Victor Hugo, 33000 Bordeaux - 05 24 73 74 66

Our expertises

Germain Maureau supports its clients from the start of their projects. Our firm guarantees a global approach to intellectual property encompassing legal, scientific and administrative skills.


A patent is the main tool for protecting your technological inventions. It enables your investment in R&D to be cost-effective, through the grant of a 20-year operating monopoly.


A trademark is a powerful symbol for your customers. A dynamic brand management strategy relies on a global approach.

Design patents

A design relates to appearance – a product’s shape, contours, decorative and ornamental patterns, icons and graphical interfaces.

NTICs and Domain names

From a technical origin, the domain name is now the digital counterpart of your trademark: it allows you to be identified and authenticated by the public on the Internet.


Germain Maureau collaborates with the main players in innovation in New Aquitaine.

Bordeaux News

Find the news about intellectual property of our Bordeaux Office.

Inauguration of our new offices in Bordeaux

On Tuesday 4 April 2023, we had the pleasure to welcome our clients and partners for the inauguration of our new offices in Bordeaux.

We thank them for coming in large number and share this moment of conviviality with the Bordeaux team of Germain Maureau.

Aquinum Evening “NFTs, practical vision and legal vision”

On Tuesday, 28 February at 6:30 p.m., Marie Mothes, Head of the Bordeaux office and Industrial Property Attorney, and Alexandre Bertin, Monitoring and Prospective Manager at Unitec, will present the conference “NFTs, practical vision and legal vision” organized by Aquinum, the association of digital professionals in Aquitaine.

The following topics will be addressed during the conference:

  • What is a NFT in practice?
  • Is the legal definition the same?
  • Some use cases of NFTs
  • What are the Intellectual Property rights of the purchaser and author of NFTs?
  • What precautions should be taken before buying a NFT with regard to Intellectual Property rights?
  • Focus on the 1st case-law “Metabirkin”. Find our article in this regard.
  • Is the “smart contract” a contract?
L’équipe bordelaise du Cabinet Germain Maureau déménage dans de nouveaux bureaux

L’équipe bordelaise du Cabinet GERMAIN MAUREAU a le plaisir de vous annoncer son déménagement dans de nouveaux bureaux, plus spacieux, situés en plein centre-ville de Bordeaux, au 137 cours Victor Hugo (à côté du Musée d’Aquitaine).

Ce déménagement vise à poursuivre notre développement en région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Notre équipe espère vous accueillir très prochainement.

Germain Maureau present at the Vinitech Sifel fair

Marie MOTHES, Industrial Property Attorney and Head of the Bordeaux office of Germain Maureau, will participate in the Vinitech Sifel event from 29 November to 1st December 2022.

Germain Maureau assists many actors of the wine and spirit industry with the Intellectual Property protection of their innovations and creations.

This will be an excellent opportunity to discuss issues in the wine field and answer all your questions regarding patents, trademarks, industrial designs, domain names…

Germain Maureau Workshop at Le Kocon

Marie Mothes, Industrial Property Attorney and Head of the Bordeaux office of Germain Maureau, will lead a workshop on the theme of good practices to protect your trademark and your creations, on 3 November 2022 from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. at Le Kocon, a coworking space, located in an exceptional place in Bordeaux : la Villa Maria.

Germain Maureau at the Dynabuy business club

On Monday 3 October at 6 p.m., Marie MOTHES, Industrial Property Attorney and Head of the Bordeaux office will speak at the Dynabuy business club in Langon, in the Bordeaux aera, on the theme of “Intellectual property at the service of business” and will answer questions from leaders on this topic.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Germain Maureau attending “Signaux 2022-Start-up Day” in Bordeaux

On Monday 19 September 2022, three of our people, Marie MOTHES, Industrial Property Attorney and Head of the Bordeaux office, Gaël MANCEC, NICT lawyer and Charles DESCAZEAUX, French & European Patent Attorney, will be present at the Rocher de Palmer in Cenon for the new edition of “Signaux – Start-up Day” organized by UNITEC, the main incubator in the Bordeaux region.

This unmissable event in the regional tech ecosystem and innovation will combine business meetings, conferences and networking.

Personalised meetings with start-ups will be proposed.

“Intellectual property and agri-food” Training in the Agropole

Like last year, two of our employees, Marie MOTHES, Industrial Property Attorney and Gaël MANCEC, NTIC lawyer, will have the pleasure of speaking during the theme lunch of Agropole companies on 8 September near Agen.

During this training entitled “Intellectual property and agri-food”, Marie MOTHES and Gaël MANCEC will deal with the following subjects:

– What rights for what protection?
 The issue of recipes.
 Practical cases applied to agri-food products: cooked dish, yoghurt and beverages
– Good reflexes, good practices and traps to avoid.

Germain Maureau will take part in the Bordeaux tech’day 2022

“Bordeaux Tech’Day” is a friendly, free event for professionals, to learn and relearn about the opportunities offered by entrepreneurs supported by the technopole, through their new technologies.

This fourth edition expects more than 600 participants, 80 exhibiting start-ups and will be opened to the public in the Hôtel de la Métropole at 9am.

Round Table “NFTs: monkey money?” Organised by AQUINUM

On next Thursday, 19 May at 6:30 p.m., Marie MOTHES, Industrial Property Attorney at Germain Maureau, will speak during the round table: “Digital in all its forms:  NFTs: monkey money?” organised by Aquinum, the association of digital professionals in Aquitaine.

Agenda of the evening:

  • What are NFTs and how they work in the blockchain? What use? Why are they a future technology?
  • Where can you post and buy NFTs? What are the profiles of the artists who create NFTs? Focus on NFTs in the art world.
  • NFTs and Intellectual Property: questions and vigilance issues.
Germain Maureau will take part in a training on the protection of innovations by Intellectual Property at the ADI

On Monday 14 March, three of our Associates, Marie MOTHES, Henri Bourgeois and Gaël MANCEC will have the pleasure of speaking at the Development and Innovation Agency in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

This training dedicated to the project managers of the Agency will focus on the protection of innovations by Intellectual Property.