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Global Anti-Counterfeiting Day 2024


On this year’s Global Anti-Counterfeiting Day: focus on “AUTHENTICITIES”. This programme, launched by the EUIPO, brings together national intellectual property offices in the EU, municipalities across the EU and local organisations to fight counterfeit goods and piracy, and in order to build a European network of certified Authenticities, i.e. cities committed to the fight against counterfeiting. It also aims to raise awareness on intellectual property rights among citizens and businesses.

Counterfeit and pirated goods represent more than EUR 83 billion in lost revenue per year in key sectors of the EU economy as well as 670 000 jobs lost. This problem also costs governments across the EU up to EUR 15 billion in public revenue each year.

Counterfeiting and piracy can also endanger the health and safety of consumers as well as the environment and are generally related to other criminal activities, including money laundering, fraud, cybercrime, drug and human trafficking.

Our teams are available to assist you in the protection and defence of your Intellectual Property Rights.

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