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Germain Maureau

First 2024 lunch of l’Entreprise des Possibles


On Tuesday 16 January, the first 2024 lunch organised by L’Entreprise des Possibles (The Company of Possibilities) took place at Le FAITOUT in Lyon, a new third-party space dedicated to hospitality and food transition.

Germain Maureau had the pleasure to participate in this convivial event and to meet with 4 member associations of Entreprise des Possibles: the Solidarity Equipment Bank by Emmaüs Défi, La Cloche, Habitat et Humanisme Rhône(Habitat and Humanism)  and Singa, as well as other member companies.

Germain Maureau is proud to be part of the “ENTREPRISE DES POSSIBLE” solidarity group to get involved with the most vulnerable.

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