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The French Court of Cassation has confirmed the geographical indication “Linge Basque”


In 2020, the application for the registration submitted by the union of weavers of original Basque linen for the geographical indication "Linge Basque" (Basque linen) was validated by the INPI.

However, this registration was quickly challenged by Tissages de St Jean de Luz, first before the Court of Appeal and then before the Court of Cassation.

They argued that the know-how of "Linge Basque" (Basque linen) could not be primarily linked to its geographical origin.

On September 27th, the Court of Cassation dismissed this appeal and upheld the decision of the Court of Appeal. The ruling stated that "Linge Basque" possesses the characteristics necessary for protection under a geographical indication, including:

  • Being manufactured at its historical production site in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region, using traditional know-how.
  • Enjoying a reputation for quality in this area.

As a result, the geographical indication "Linge Basque" has been officially validated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance in this matter.

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