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Jean-Christophe COIFFIC

Trainee patent attorney

After a PhD thesis in micro/nanoelectronics at CEA LETI in 2008, Jean-Christophe has been R&D engineer in the photovoltaics field before cofounding a start-up focused on autonomous wireless objects in 2011. Then he turned to be COO of an IoT product based company and finally joins Germain Maureau in 2018.


  • PhD at CEA LETI in Microelectronics materials
  • INSA (Physics Engineering Degree, Toulouse, FR)
  • Internship at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Tallahassee, USA)

Technical area

  • Aeronautics / Aerospace
  • Electronics / Electrical engineering
  • IT & Artificial Intelligence (computer-implemented inventions)
  • Mechanics / Mechatronics
  • Microelectronics / Semiconductors
  • Optics / Optoelectronics / Physics
  • Telecommunications & IoT

Area of Expertise

  • Patents


  • French
  • English