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New rules concerning the supplementary protection certificate (SPC) for medicinal products

05 July 2019

Regulation (UE) No 2019/933 amending Regulation (EC) No 469/2009 concerning the supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products entered into force on 1 July 2019. This Regulation aims to allow EU-based manufacturers: to make  generics and biosimilars in the Union during ... Read more

New qualification for a Germain & Maureau patent attorney!

01 July 2019

Germain Maureau is proud to announce that Eric PAUCHON, has qualified as European Patent Attorney . Congratulations on your success !   Read more

Key step in the fight against fraudulent trademark applications in China

27 June 2019

  Further to the approval on the revision of the Trademark Law by the Standing Committee of the Congress, new amendments to the  Chinese Trademark Law will become effective on 1st November 2019. Among them, it should be noted, in ... Read more

Adidas: the famous brand with three stripes is not distinctive enough!

26 June 2019

  In 2014, the sportswear company Adidas obtained registration of its European mark no 012442166, which consists of “three parallel stripes of identical width, applied in any direction” to designate clothing, footwear and headgear. However, in the context of an ... Read more

Brazil’s adhesion to the Madrid protocol.

24 June 2019

      Pursuant to the decree published in the Official Gazette on 30 May 2019, Brazil becomes the 105th member of the International System for registration of trademarks. This adhesion which will enter into force in October 2019 will ... Read more

2019 Status Reports on IP Infringement

19 June 2019

  According to the 2019 report from the EUIPO and the OECD, that has just been published, the weight of counterfeiting and piracy is more and more important. Indeed, Intellectual Property Right infringement amounts to: about 3.3 % of wolrd ... Read more

AFNIC new procedures for fighting against identity theft!

11 June 2019

AFNIC creates a new system to fight against identity theft in Whois data.   A disguised anonymity   This practice is unfortunately common and concerns all extensions. Many extrajudicial procedures (Syreli, UDRP) reveal these actions, which can be explained by ... Read more

Social networks: influencers-bloggers, celebrities and trademarks are a good match!

29 May 2019

In just a few years, influencers have become essential spokespeople for the promotion of trademarks on social networks. They now play a vital role in the advertising strategy for brands. Indeed, online product placement, posts or sponsored videos allow to ... Read more

Publication of the PACTE Law: significant changes on Intellectual Property

23 May 2019

The famous PACTE law (Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation) was published on 22 May 2019 in the Official Gazette of the French Republic. The Law contains important provisions on Intellectual Property. As for patents, the Law provides an ... Read more

Intellectual property goes green!

14 May 2019

The importance of sustainable development, which aims at economic development without harmful consequences for human beings and the environment, is no longer to prove. In 2008, the European Commission committed that renewable energy will represent 20% of energy produced in ... Read more

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